The US Represented Weekly Update

musicHello USR members and guests,

Our site has had another great week, and we appreciate you keeping us company. In Emily Badovinac’sOne Last Thing,” after the violent death of his sister Cassie, Logan’s grief turns to purpose when she asks him for a last favor. Eric Stephenson’sThought” reminds us to pay more attention to consciousness. In “The Women’s Resource Agency: A Lifeline for the Colorado Springs Community,” Shasta Bedard describes how the Colorado Springs WRA is a lifeline to a number of families in serious need of support and guidance. Amanda Fox’sFanfiction: Revisions and Reruns in any Genre” explores a fascinating subculture of devoted creators who participate “out of love for the source material, and for the thrill of expanding on a story we loved the first time we experienced it.” Jennifer Lucero’sLviv, Ukraine: Standing at the Crossroads” overviews an impressive city with challenging circumstances but a big heart. In Plato’s Apology, Socrates meditates on his impending execution and makes a request of those who condemned him. Tim Poindexter’s The EDM Experience: ¡Viva la Revolución!” overviews the history of electronic dance music and argues that it’s a genre that’s here to stay. We’re pleased to be adding a serial edition to USR, too. Every Friday, we will be publishing a chapter of Emily Badovinac’s novel Deep Red. This week, in “Chapter One: What’s in Your Blood,” Marlo finds herself manacled, nauseous, and ready to be interrogated by a vampire.

The USR Staff