The US Represented MUSE-Letter for September 25-October 1

waveRiding the Wave

Wednesday’s edition of the weekly piece Riding the Wave will feature the first four chapters of Eric Stephenson’s novel in progress, The Spectral Order. Three dispossessed people living their own unique hidden lives intersect unexpectedly and begin feeding on each others’ emotions.

Kevin’s Much-Loved Poems

Join Kevin Arnold as he continues a series of columns that highlight a much-loved poem and presents other poems that speak to, or resonate with, that poem. This week’s features: “Spring Day [Bath],” “Woman Bathing,” and “How to Measure Yourself.” Grab a hot beverage, a comfortable chair, and cater to your inner poet for a while…

sportsHabitually Distracted-“My Life Outside Sports”

Marching bands murder classic songs with extreme prejudice, team mascots cavort like they have no sense, and hordes of people attend rallies held for the sole purpose of generating pep. Mention these things to some people and they’ll collapse into a quivering heap of team loyalty. Not so long ago, if you’d mentioned them to me, you’d have received a sigh and an eye roll. I’m getting better, though. These days, I only roll my eyes when no one’s watching. 

lindsayFeatured Artist: Lindsay Hand

To Lindsay Hand, art is “a meditation, a necessity as an action for me to create, a growing process, a presence. It’s a beautiful thing, to just step in and be, but it also can require things that need to be said. That’s speaking from my own art and my process. Viewing other people’s art is the same thing, but it’s as an observer, and kind of a gift sometimes.” Visit Lindsay’s artwork in USR’s Galleries!

jeromeJerome Parent: “Racism Among the Elderly”

It is not just financial and physical abuse that the elderly need to be protected from. Media and political exploitation are a big problem as well. Check this out!