The US Represented Weekly Update


Hello USR members and guests,

This past week’s offerings are diverse and in keeping with our mission to support free speech and creative expression. Talon Carver’sMaynard James Keenan and Authentic Effort” describes an “unapologetic eccentric [who] has interests that expand outside of music, all of which enrich his creativity. Keenan’s unorthodox musical style and his ability to intelligently express his unconventionality with living in accordance to a simple way of life is what really sets him apart from other musicians.” In “Chief Keef and the Murderer’s Melody,” Sam Schoenecker discusses Drill, a subgenre of music that reflects the violent realities of Chicago’s South Side. In Eric Stephenson’s “Merging Planet,” a man with a vision transforms culture by inventing a simple game that we can all play. In “Voice and Signing Programs: Closing the Communication Barriers between the Deaf and Hearing Communities,” Lorena Martinez underscores the challenges faced by deaf children and their parents. She notes, “Teaching students how to sign and voice at the same time from an early age can close the communication barrier between the hearing and the deaf and help deaf children transition to mainstream schools later on in life or have better opportunities within the Deaf schools.” In “Burlesque: Creativity through Sexual Expression,” Amirah Counts explains the significant role burlesque has played in American culture and her personal life. In “Hemp Is the Future of Paper,” Rachel Sullivan points out that hemp is “a cleaner, faster source for paper material than trees,” and it produces a “stronger, more versatile product.” In “I Hate Unprepared Musicians,” Austin Sutton describes what it’s like to be a music producer. To Austin, although the job can be frustrating, it’s still pretty rewarding. Tiana Snow’sTutu Many Sparkles” traces the relationship between ballet wardrobe and performance back to the art form’s inception. In this Friday’s installment of Emily Badovinac’s novel Deep Red, Marlo begins to recover memories from both her recent and distant past. Emily’s “Hear Here! A Night with Andrea Gibson” reviews the impressive performances by poets Nicole Wilkinson, Susan Peiffer, Denali Gillaspie, and Andrea Gibson at the Ivywild School in Colorado Springs. Anna Bankson’sVarg Vikernes: The Ultimate ‘Lord of Chaos’” sketches the life of “the most infamous musician in all of Black Metal history.”

Take care, and we’ll talk to you soon.

The USR Staff