The US Represented Weekly Update

Hello USR members and guests,fire picture

We hope you’re staying warm and safe wherever you are. The weather has been challenging for people all across the country, and our thoughts are with all those who are struggling. We published some quality works over the past week designed to keep everyone thinking and entertained. Jerome Parent’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Mars” discusses the Mars One mission, which will be a reality TV show, and perhaps the unknown life we will be spreading on a cosmic scale. Eric Stephenson’sVirtual Doubt” explores the largely generational debate over what technology means to us now and in the future. Amber Sagapolu’s poem “I won’t settle for less” is a powerful declaration of desired qualities and personal intentions. Nick Hertzog’s poem “Time, fiction, and whiskey” is a moving expression of a friendship cut short by suicide. Janelle Watson’s The Colorado Child Care Assistance Program as a Practical Model” argues that government child care programs can work when parental accountability is required. We also included some fine passages from the works of Marcus Aurelius and Herman Melville. We should mention, too, that our Visual Arts upgrade is close to complete. We’re aiming to have it implemented within a week.

The USR Staff