Saying goodbye to you
Is like saying goodbye to my reflection
Every morning after careful inspection
Of each line and wrinkle
I will forget I have
Throughout the course of the day

Seeing you unexpectedly
Is like electrons sparking off a copper plate
There’s no debate
We had a connection
And electric charge
Discharging perfection
Before morning came and
The bright whites of your eyes
Beheld dialects of destruction

The function of sight through
Firelight gave us both cause
For contemplation and retreat into
Sectioned despair.

You are the shadow that got knocked free
And I’ve been catching glimpses of you ever since
Even caught you once
But I used soap instead of glue
To attach you back to my shoes
And you slipped through my fingers
And back out into the dew-less night

So I write.
To say goodbye
Is not a thing to do
Because I know
I’ll see you
Every time I walk past a mirror
And catch my own eye.