Duct Tape

Today, I decided to stop

Duct taping my sides together.

Holding guts inside

Became too painful.


First, my lungs expanded

Air rushed sweet into

New distance

My ribs no longer bound breath

So when you gently touched hair

Straying across my face,

the wind did not stop,

Continued filling my chest

Blessing each breath


Second, each step

Essential with connection,

Your presence, humming electric,

Illuminated fascia, connective tissues

   spider webbing the cleft between

   aorta and right atrium.

Heart chambers gathered extra blood,

swelled, stretched out

All my cardiac wrinkles–

When you hugged me longer than expected,

Left ventricle shivered

And continued to pump life

At a slightly quicker rate.


Today, I consecrated my gallbladder,

Asked her courage to stand beside me,

Called for holy bile,

So I could digest

The meaning behind your smile

My reaction to your touch

So I could recycle the light

cast from your eyes

Add radiance and Sun tones

From my diaphragm, and

Mix electric in a stone bowl

Before reflecting it back again


Third, the next morning,

Tears down my face before the mirror.

Never beheld such vast distance.

Between the two lowest ribs nestled a galaxy.

Billions of stars and planets

And I could only think

That all universes

Suffer heat death eventually.


But maybe we could build a fire

Somewhere in all this space

So when the end comes

We can move closer

capture electric sparks

Add tinder and breath to catch.


Our fire could reignite matter

Start the big bang all over again

Destroy death

And spawn a new universe.


I want to send smoke signals,

But I don’t know

If you understand the signs.