The US Represented Weekly Update

NARCISSUS, Cheri Arfsten, July 2011. This is one of the last sights I laid eyes on at Hearst Castle. It is just one of a few indoor pools on the property, part of a series of pools connected by tunneled channel-like waterways. Standing there, marveling at the expert craftsmanship of the people who laid the millions of tiny tiles that form the hundreds of mosaics below and above water, is something I will never forget.

Hello USR readers,

This past week has been a bit historic for us at US Represented. We celebrated our new Galleries layout with “Mystery and Motherhood: An Interview with Lindsay Hand.” Here, Lindsay Deen discusses a host of topics with Lindsay Hand, one of the most talented artists on the Colorado Front Range. We ran the interview in conjunction with the Lindsay Hand Art gallery, which features some of her finest works. In our weekly installment of Sandra Knauf’s novel, Zera and the Green Man: Chapter Seven, Zera spent most of her time “reading, learning about plants’ uses, their art, and their history. She’d read fascinating accounts of plant explorers searching exotic countries, horrifying tales of women herbal healers in medieval Europe burned as witches, and modern discoveries in the field of plant intelligence.” We included William Blake’s cryptic “The Sick Rose,” and Eric Stephenson offers “Ten Reasons to Pay It Forward.” In “The Fifth Dentist,” Dana Zimbleman reclines in a dentist’s chair and remembers herself as a

“different little girl
fang to fang with a snarling man,
his hands nearly elbow deep in her mouth,
the smell of fear and antiseptic still palpable.”

In “CASA and the Fight against Child Abuse and Neglect,” Linsey Arpad details the actions of a vital organization whose “main goals are to reduce child abuse and neglect in Colorado Springs while striving to provide safe and permanent homes for children who need them.” In “Spaced Out,” Jerome Parent states, “Without spacecraft, humans would have been reduced to the same helpless response as they have had during past disasters and epidemics: prayer, finger-pointing, and migration.” In a significant environmental analysis, Emily Sapien discusses “Arizona Wildfires and the Need for Community Action.” In Emily Badovinac’s Deep Red, Chapter Thirty-Two: The Nature of Belonging (or Happy Birthday!), Marlo and the other 3/3 celebrate their birthdays.

In “Park Living,” a companion article to “Hard Living,” DeLyn Martineau traces the other side of her family, the Winters. DeLyn notes, “It turns out the connection between these two families started way before my grandparents got married, and the story I will share here not only has connections to our city’s parks, but also other recognizable things from around Colorado Springs.” We also included a revealing excerpt from Mary Shelley’s Introduction to Frankenstein, and in Eric Stephenson’s “A Quiet Holiday,” a man enjoys a calm, pleasant Christmas Day. Jeff Cleek’s Dick & Rosie: Snow Day celebrates winter in a different way, and John Donne’s famous “Meditation XVII: No man is an island” reminds us how close we are to death and each other.

Now that our Galleries area is mostly where we want it to be, we’ll be turning our attention to adding a new Music section. We’ll keep you posted.

The US Represented Staff