The Mandate for Survival

Human reason operates as an unmatched force in the world. Because of this evolutionary trait, we have dominated the planet, effectively building power structures of governmental proportion to preserve and pass on our genetic data. Our species thrives because we learn, improve, and then learn more.

The online community represents a potentially hyperconscious form of human ingenuity, and this creative potential can be harnessed by either the elite or by the people. Though the possibility for such metamorphosis exists, real change has yet to occur either online or in real life. The elite already use cyberspace to restrict freedom, and this cannot be endured. However, the majority can band together and initiate authentic revolution, protecting our collective autonomy through protest and civil disobedience.

We must defend the inherent freedom actualized by the Internet because our innate intelligence and drive cannot reliably operate without valid information. Large corporations have a monopoly on conventional media, so most Americans encounter ideological slant everywhere. From television commercials and the nightly news to the plethora of web advertisements bombarding us, almost every experience appeals to emotion. Such tactics create consumers, not citizens. The people have a civic duty to graduate from consumerism and enter genuine citizenship.

Since the current system undermines informed consent, revolt becomes necessary to produce true change. Though the human psyche continues to learn and evolve, advertisers, economists, and politicians alike strive to dominate by manufacturing consent. The powerful continually refine control tactics precisely because we keep asking questions. The cycle continues, and the results cause fluctuations between war and peace, hatred and love. We can redirect this cycle because human inventiveness carries more value than currency ever can.

Because the elite will perpetuate lies and misdirection to maintain the current power structure, the people must bring about a revolution. Global problems stem directly from an apathetic, consumption-driven mindset that reacts to conflicts and misunderstandings emotionally but refrains from useful action. We must refocus our energies into creating objective modes of perception, disconnecting emotive responses from political discourse. Even as a partial accomplishment, this would allow us to move further into the Technological Age relatively baggage-free. Excising emotional response in lieu of logical deliberation frees the mind to probe issues impartially. Consequently, we will be prepared to capably make reasoned decisions.

This uprising cannot be halted by corporate or political deceits because our revolt is born from the desire for lasting independence. Though corporations and advertising agencies fabricate false solutions to our deepest desire, they fail to sate the hardwired, physiological drive to obtain autonomy. Most humans, having experienced domination, desire release from that controlling force. Experts believe that new devices and smooth-talking politicians can misdirect our hunger, but this delusion will end in ultimate disappointment. Of all desires in the human heart, true freedom remains most dear, and all attempts at psychological redirection will eventually fail.

The elite’s failure to distract our attention will only fuel the revolution. As we concentrate on the global problems of injustice, illiteracy, famine, and a thousand other wrongs, countless human minds must work in concert to avert disaster. Bureaucracy struggles to maintain barriers and laws that restrict creative power, and this is unacceptable.

The bureaucrats control and legislate intellectual property. Both copyright laws and patents daily prevent researchers from exploring possible cures to diseases. Food rots in corporate trash bins because bylaws prohibit its use to feed the hungry, and though we have the means to feed the global population, our leaders choose instead to line their pockets. Administration and corruption continue to destabilize nations, and these practices will not be tolerated. As the people unite, we will ignore the accepted policies and regulations. We will transform the system and rewrite the rules.

Our rules require consumers to become informed, active, responsible citizens. We champion open, logical communication and free access to information. Because education and dialogue operate as key components of such an endeavor, both will be free and equally available to all via the Internet and social media. Our collective intellectual properties will be dedicated to the future and passed onto the next generation without debt or restriction. Our broken, decaying system will no longer control ideas, creations, and inventions because we will remake this world to suit the needs of all.

Our revolution comes from the collective mind of humankind, and we undertake this revolution to ensure species survival. We will perpetuate the dream of freedom until the system can no longer contain us. Because we are children of intellect, we will always outsmart you. Because we are united, we will stand against what will come. You can detain, harass, and destroy individuals, but you can never halt us all. We are the nameless masses. We are the people you subdue, and you need us to preserve your system. We are your greatest weakness. We are the represented, and this is our manifesto.