Poetry Addict

I’m pheening for words

Wringing shaking hands

Touching tapping fingers to glands

Wondering if I’m getting sick

Needing the fix

Worse than nicotine

Worse than anything I’ve ever dreamed


I am an addict

Addicted to poetry


It’s better at disseminating pain

Than a couple of oxy’s


Poetry gets deep

Excises emotional puss

Drains the wound

And let’s me sleep


Phrases pound baseline

Walking through Wal-Mart

Beating memories into

Works of art

I wish I’d done this kind of purging

Since the start


But I never knew

This therapy

To write a poem and weep

And let all the sap seep out the soul

Into the rhymes on pages

glad I didn’t wait till old age

To write thought

Like It was passed from sages

Still so

Surprised words of wisdom

Sprang from these inner cages.


Want to write

But I have bills to pay

Work tonight

So my addiction

Will have to wait


Maybe this obsession started as addiction

But now it’s more

Now it’s love sending self Love

Loving self above

The wars in the streets.


Poetry addict,

I’m doing lines in bathrooms. These

Words heal wounds like waves.

Photo By: Erozeno (erozeno.wordpress.com/category/spoken-word-poetry/