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Holy Mother of Pearl! I Saw a UFO!

Every night when I go to bed, I gaze at the night sky through the skylight in my bedroom for awhile. Through the skylight, I have seen shining stars and various constellations, airplanes with blinking lights, certain planets, countless shooting stars, the Perseid meteor showers, a few space satellites, and the International Space Station, which is the third brightest light in the sky. I was lucky enough to see the

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The Verdict Is In—Definitely!

Colorado Springs is lucky to have an active local music scene, ranging from classical to country with every music genre in between. My favorite local band, The Verdict, plays classic rock from the ‘80s, the kind of music that when the band starts to play a song, you exclaim, “Great! Let’s dance. We can sing along, too!” I attended a rehearsal to get a closer, more personal perception of the

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Ten Reasons Why You Should Hang Out with Count Dracula

I spent some time with Dracula Sunday night at a local art center. He was so dashing and such an elegant gentleman in his fabulous cape. Then, with a wickedly sexy smile, he started teasing me by calling me “Buffy” and “Slayer” as terms of endearment. I was immediately mesmerized by his exotic charm and became moonstruck. I am now intensely compelled to explain why you should hang out with

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Ten Reasons to Go on Holiday in Scotland

I recently returned from a two-week holiday in Scotland in August. I use the expression “on holiday” instead of “on vacation” because that is what the people in Scotland say. The people I spoke with just do not understand the expression, “on vacation.” They inquire, “But what are you vacating?” Ah, yes. If they only knew. Perhaps a situation that has become temporarily too unpleasant or stressful. But think about

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Ten Reasons to Go to a Play and Support Local Theatre

“The stage is not merely the meeting place of all the arts, but is also the return of art to life.” — Oscar Wilde, 1891 It has been said that the theatre dies every night, only to be reborn each day, for it exists whenever actors perform before an audience. Therefore a primary characteristic of theatre is its ephemeral nature. Theatre historian Oscar G. Brockett emphasized that after a performance

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Sunburn Logic

Yes—sunburns in Ireland. The weather in Dingle, all over Ireland, in fact, was crazy in July. It was sunny, hot, and mostly dry. There was very little rain and only for short periods of time. A fierce dry spell, as the Irish called it. The weather had been this way for at least three weeks. I noticed how hot it was when I drove from Dublin to Dingle. I had

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