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April 24 is Armenian Genocide Recognition Day

(Note: Pictured above are my Armenian-American friends, Artur Mazmandyan and Kristina Grigoryan, and their two daughters, Nelly and Siranush. Today they will honor the memory of their Armenian countrymen who died over one hundred years ago during the Armenian genocide. The family lives in Denver.) Over the weekend, I went to see The Promise, a compelling film dramatizing the Armenian genocide. The feature film’s release was timed specifically to coincide

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Like Hula Hoops or Something

(Special this week to the Academic Redneck: Guest columnist and Pikes Peak Community College student Tina Bopp discusses her efforts to overcome a learning disability. Tina is enrolled in my English Composition I class this semester.) When I first started going to school, it was evident that I had a learning disability called dyslexia. Dyslexia is a group of disorders that makes it harder to interpret words and letters. However,

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Trump as Tricky Dick? Steady On!

Last week my colleague Jerome Parent wrote a column called “Donald Trump as Tricky Dick Reincarnated” in which he argues that the two presidents share uncanny similarities. Parent predicts that Trump will “meet a similar fate” as the president brought down by the Watergate scandal.   On a positive note, I am encouraged that the Trump villain comparisons appear to be moving in a more positive direction. For a while,

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Monuments Kin

How cool is it that one of my relatives helped save some of Europe’s most valuable art pieces from Adolf Hitler? But this individual isn’t the only human treasure in my family… Major Robert Kelley Posey, my third cousin three times removed, was one of the famous Monuments Men who helped discover priceless art objects the Nazis had stolen and return them to their country of origin. In the movie

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In Response to Jerome Parent

In his critique of my article “Cowards in the Shadows,” Jerome Parent charges that I have used various “rhetorical tricks known as logical fallacies…instead of just relying on the facts” in my argument. He contends I have used ad hominem, broad generalizations, and emotional language to support my position. I wish to respond. As a composition teacher, Parent surely understands that effective written argument in forums such as this utilizes

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Redneck Royalty

The Pettys, the Earnhardts, and the Future of NASCAR Many Americans start to anticipate spring on February 2, when Punxsutawney Phil decides if the country will endure six more weeks of winter. For many southerners, however, contemplation of spring begins in earnest a few weeks later in February, on the Sunday that the Daytona 500 kicks off the NASCAR season. The Daytona 500, historically important in the stock car circuit,

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